About SNBS

Keeping in view the fact that more than a quarter of India’s population has been living as downtrodden and marginalized for centuries, Shri Nirotilal Buddha Sansthan (SNBS) came in to existence in 1994  as an non government organization of marginalized people and has undertaken the task to promote the welfare of this section of the society, lead to their upliftment and development for integration with the total society by improvement in their economic, educational, social, cultural and health standards.

Shri Nirotilal Buddha Sansthan was registered under Society Act in 1994 and has been primarily working in the areas of health and its determinants, safe drinking water, hygiene, sanitation, HIV/AIDS awareness, family planning & welfare, child labor & literacy, education, livelihood, plantation, community awareness and development, with especial focus on marginalized sections of the societies, slum dweller women and children through various development programs.

After 1995, SNBS intends to continue its role as a facilitator to improve the effectiveness of various national programs and build capacities of communities to address a wide range of reproductive health, child health, illiteracy, family planning, NPSP and HIV/AIDS challenges.

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