FOGSI Delegation with The President - Copy

Hon’ble President of India Smt. Pratibha Patil, along with members of the Federation of Obstetrical & Gynecological Societies of India (FOGSI) and Mr. Ravi Kashyap, President, SNBS at Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi, on 1st October 08.

The Problem of Gender Bias in India:

Sex Ratio in India Today when we have forged into the 21st century and have conquered space and are on the verge of human cloning we humans still remain biased towards the sex of the unborn child. Wherever the human race exists in the world to whatever cast and crede the one fact that emerges loud and clear is that the choice of the expected newborn invariably remains a boy. Whenever the news of the arrival of a girl child is given to most of the population in India it is an aura of doom in the family and the friends and well wishers place it as a cause of God on the couple which is related to the “Karma’s” of the parents. This major social “look down” on couples bearing female children has lead to the couples and to the women themselves resorting to antenatal sex determination and selective termination of pregnancy and the rampant demand and supply of this technique and procedure has lead to the imbalance of the sex ratio in India.

It is well known that socio-cultural factors and practices, such as the status of women, patriarchal structure of the society, preference for a son, fear of dowry and the belief that it is the son who can look after the old parents and so on are the main reasons for adverse sex ratio. In view of the above, SNBS joined hands with FOGSI to remove such practices from poor population of Agra and “Save the Indian Mother”.


The vision was to take this message to everywhere and awake every person towards his contribution to women’s health and well-being. The very theme encompasses:

  • Education of the adolescent girl
  • Eradication of Anemia
  • Regulate population and fertility
  • Promote contraception and safe abortions
  • Deliver safely
  • Detect cancers
  • Plant a Tree- Amla/Neem

The nutritious fruit of Amla- a symbol that the effort will fructify and a message to the village women that Vit C, Iron and Calcium rich food is what they need during pregnancy.


The YATRA had arrived Agra on 19th Oct 08 to celebrate and unite the people of INDIA towards one goal- a healthier, happier mother and to Save and educate the girl child. SNBS, along with its all staff and Women Health Samities has organized the Health camps, awareness programs to spread this message.

The overall impact of Yatra Awareness Program was very positive. People have decided to go to the hospitals for regular antenatal checkups and delivery, after attending the awareness programs.

Below are the photographs of achievements of SNBS and main activities organized for urban poor population with coordination of FOGSI, from beginning up till July 2009.


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