Since SNBS has undertaken the task to promote the welfare of this section of the society, lead to their upliftment and development for integration with the total society by improvement in their economic standards. For this, SNBS joined hands with Life Insurance Corporation of India in 2001, as a nodal agency to provide benefits of the schemes of LIC especially for poor community. Details of the LIC schemes for which SNBS is working as nodal agency of LIC are given below:

JANASHREE BIMA YOJANA (LIC): The objective of the scheme is to provide life insurance protection to the rural and urban poor persons below poverty line and marginally above the poverty line.

ELIGIBILITY: A person who is

*Aged between 18 and 59 years.
*Below or marginally above poverty line
*A member of any of the approved vocation/occupation groups

NODAL AGENCY: A State Government Department which is concerned with the welfare of any such vocation/occupation group, a Welfare Fund/ Society, Village Panchayat, NGO, Self-Help Group, etc.


BENEFITS: In the events of

*Death (other than by accident) of the member, an amount of Rs.30,000/- is payable.
*death/total permanent disability, due to accident, an amount of Rs.75,000/-is payable.
*Permanent partial disability, due to accident, an amount of Rs.37,500/- is payable.


*The premium under the scheme is Rs.200/-per annum per member. *50% of the premium i.e.

Rs.100/- will   be contributed by the member and/or Nodal Agency/State Government.

* Balance 50% will be borne by the Social Security Fund.

The group that can be covered are like workers in –
(i) Foodstuffs like khandsari
(ii) Textile
(iii) Manufacture of wood products
(iv) Manufacture of paper products
(v) Manufacture of leather products
(vi) Printing
(vii) Rubber and coal products
(viii) Chemical products like candle manufacture
(ix) Mineral products like earthern toys manufacture
(x) Fire cracker’s workers
(xi)Construction workers
(xii)Other related cottage industries to be identified by Nodal Agencies and other groups as identified by the Nodal Agency and approved by LIC.

  1. b) The occupational groups are : Beedi workers, Brick Kiln Workers(Jalandhar),Carpenters, Cobblers, Fisherman, Hamals, Handicraft Artisans, Handloom Weavers, Handloom and Khadi Weavers, Lady Tailors, Leather and Tannery Workers, Papad Workers attached to ‘SEWA’, Physically Handicapped self- Employed Persons, Primary Milk Producers, Rickshaw Pullers/ Auto Drivers, Safai Karmacharis, Salt Growers, Tendu Leaf Collectors, Scheme for the Urban Poor, Forest Workers, Sericulture, Toddy Tappers, Powerloom Workers, Scheme for Women in Remote Rural Hilly Areas.

SHIKSHA SAHAYOG YOJANA (LIC): This is a scholarship scheme launched on 31.12.2001 for the benefit of children of members of Janashree Bima Yojana.

ELIGIBILITY: Students studying in ix to xii standards, whose parents are covered under Janashree Bima Yojana. If a student fails and is detained in the same standard, he will not be eligible for scholarship for the next year in the same standard.

BENEFIT: Scholarship of Rs 300/- per quarter per child will be paid for maximum period of 4 years.
The benefit is restricted to two children per member(family) only.

PREMIUM: No premium is charged for the scholarship

SCHOLARSHIP CLAIMS: The Nodal Agency identifies the students. The member of Janashree Bima Yojana whose child is eligible for scholarship has to fill up an application form (available with Nodal Agency) and submit to the Nodal Agency. The applications duly filled up and certified will be sent along with the list of the beneficiary students by the Nodal Agency to the concerned LIC, P&GS Unit for disbursement of scholarship/s. The scholarship/s will be disbursed to the beneficiary students through the concerned Nodal Agency.

As only a limited number of beneficiaries provided scholarship under the scheme, the selection for eligible students made on the basis of poorest of the poor.

Achievement till date:

Period Insurance Policy conducted under JBY Claims provided Scholarships provided under SSY
2001-2002 25
2002-2003 130
2003-2004 414 5 24
2004-2005 707 7 110
2005-2006 500 5 281
2006-2007 210 93
2007-2008 30 32
2008-2009 30
TOTAL 2046 17 540

Below are the photographs of achievements of SNBS, from beginning up till date.

DCP_0545 DCP_1110

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