“Child labor” is, generally speaking, work for children that harms them or exploits them in some way (physically, mentally, morally, or by blocking access to education).

child labour

National Child Labour Project (NCLP)

This is the major scheme for the rehabilitation of child labour.  Under the scheme, Project Societies at the district level are fully funded for opening up of special school/Rehabilitation Centres for the rehabilitation of child labour.

The special schools/Rehabilitation Centres   provide non-formal education, vocational training, supplementary nutrition, stipend etc. to children withdrawn from employment.

Implementation of NCLP by SNBS

Since, the task of upliftment and development of marginalized section of the Indian society has become more challenging with the liberalization and modernization of the economy and growing need of human development and its proper deployment therefore, during the past five-year phase, SNBS focused its efforts in two specific directions – engaging systems, community and community representatives to ensure sustainable outcomes; and replication of successful practices in other areas on a broader scale.

The dynamic changes engulfing the Indian Society and the world at large require adequate talent to promote the national interest and lead to a vibrating and modern economy based on equality and interdependence of various individuals and social classes and removing the irrelevant citadel of caste system from India, which in today’s context has become a regressive practice for human existence and growth.

In view of above, SNBS started four special child labor schools (with 200 child labor boy as well as girl students) from 1st of August 2005, in four different slums of Agra with the objective of providing protection and education to working children (Child Labor) in coordination with Labor Department, Agra under National Child Labor Project.

SNBS took the task to educate those children who are exploited at their working places. The teachers of the child labour schools of SNBS are engaged to develop their moral as well as intellectual skills so that they can stand at their own feet, learn and understand the better ways of means and life and can be grown up as best citizens of our Country.

Achievement up till Date

From 1st of August 2005 to June 2011, we are educating 200 Child labour (boy as well as girls) per year, in our four special child labour schools located in four different slums of Agra City i.e. Nala Kaji Para, Ram Nagar, Jagdish Pura, Chipitola.

From 1st of November 2012 to September 2014, we are educating 100 Child labour (boy as well as girls) per year, in our two special child labour schools located in two different slums of Agra City i.e. Gadi Bhadoria and Nagla Ber.

Up till September 2014, a total of 842 Children from Special Child Labour Schools of SNBS has been promoted and integrated with main stream of education.

Below are the details of child labour students integrated with main stream of education and photographs of achievements of SNBS and main activities under NCLP, from beginning up till Date

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