Niine Sakhi Initiative

Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Program

Menstrual hygiene is very important for a healthy lifestyle of any girl. In order to help the women grow and not let such things become a hindrance in their way to success, our team at SNBS is organizing various rallies and workshop where we are educating the women about their health related rights and bursting the old myths about menstruation. We in association with Niine foundation are also distributing free sanitary napkins for the same project. We organise awareness workshops at Villages and Slums of AGRA, where we educated Girls/Women and spread awareness among them. Our objective is to visit every slum and rural household of Agra in consonance with the same project.

The Problem In Numbers



35,50,00,000 Menstruating Women and Girls in India


71% Have No Knowledge Of Menstruation Before Their First Period



82% Use Alternatives, Such As An Old Cloth, Rags, Hay, Sand, Or Ash



18% Use Sanitary Pads



6,30,00,000 Adolescent Girls That Live In Homes Without Toilet Facilities



88% Adolescent Girls Are Unaware Of The Health Implications That Could Occur Due To Poor Menstrual Hygiene


EDUCATE : Girls and women of good menstrual hygiene practices and menstruation.

ENROL : Engaging existing menstrual hygiene product users to talk about periods without shame.

Bridge the Gap #18 to 82

Help change the environment, where “periods” are no longer a deep dark secret, only to be whispered about.

At its core, Niine is a journey for change to bridge the gap of sanitary napkin users from 18% to 82% in India.

We appeal to both men and women as responsible citizens to initiate dialogue around Menstruation.


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