Maternal health services, particularly antenatal care and postnatal care services require special attention to reduce both maternal and infant mortality. Large proportions of women in urban areas are anaemic and are not protected against tetanus. The reach of child health services and their acceptability have to be increased in order to reduce infant mortality. Immunization of children against vaccine-preventable diseases, proper management of diarrhoea, treatment of acute respiratory infection and improved nutrition are the important measures that need to be strengthened.

The camp approach may not be the best approach to provide high-quality services on a regular and continuous basis but, given the current service delivery situation, is the best suited to reach those in need of services.

Keeping in view of the above, Shri Niroti Lal Buddha Sansthan (SNBS) started RCH camps with support of Department of Medical Health & Family Welfare (DMHFW) under SIFPSA Project in urban slums of Agra City, during year 2003 – 2004, in order to improve access to and quality of services. SNBS have been selected and provided the opportunity for implementation of the RCH Camps by CMO Agra, because of its strength in community mobilization and extensive network.

Staff of SNBS created mass awareness through inter personal counseling and provide family welfare services at doorsteps to people in urban areas.

Achievements of SNBS

During the period 2003 to 2004, SNBS has organized 181 RCH Camps in urban slums of Agra City and a total of 18589 patients were provided Health check up, ANC, Immunization and other Health services.

In these RCH camps Oral Contraceptive Pills and Nirodh were provided to 4877 women; ANC of 999 pregnants were conducted, TT vaccination of 859 pregnants, IFA Tablets provided to 1582 women, Immunization of 4962 children, Health counseling to 6981, Health Check up of 3016 women by Lady Doctor, check up and treatment to 72 RTI/ STI patients, and treatment to 5222 other patients was provided along with medicines.

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