Targeted Intervention for Destination Migrants – Kanpur

SNBS will implement targeted intervention for Destination Migrant at Kanpur. Target population will be 10000 since February 2014 to September 2015.We will provide them Information services i.e IPC, Mid media campaign etc, Condom related services, Health care services i.e. STI treatment & management, health camps etc, Treatment & care package and enabling environment services.


Reduction In prevalence of HIV/AIDS infection in destination migrants in Kanpur.


Reduction in HIV/AIDS prevalence in 10000 destination migrants in Kanpur.

Project summary 

SNBS will implement targetted intervention for Destination Migrant at Kanpur.Target population will be 10000.We will provide them Information services i.eIPC,Mid media campaign etc,Condom related services,Health care services i.e. STI treatement&management,health camps etc,Treatement& care package and enabling environment services.


Kanpur has urban population of 3015645 of total population 4581268.Out of the total Kanpur Nagar population for 2011 census, 65.83 percent lives in urban regions of district. In total 3,015,645 people lives in urban areas of which males are 1,622,546 and females are 1,393,099. Sex Ratio in urban region of Kanpur Nagar district is 859 as per 2011 census data.Similarly child sex ratio in Kanpur Nagar district was 865 in 2011 census. Child population (0-6) in urban region was 295,847 of which males and females were 158,664 and 137,183. This child population figure of Kanpur Nagar district is 9.78 % of total urban population. Average literacy rate in Kanpur Nagar district as per census 2011 is 82.10 % of which males and females are 84.35 % and 79.47 % literates respectively. In actual number 2,232,870 people are literate in urban region of which males and females are 1,234,812 and 998,058 respectively.

SNBS provides many services to migrants…

We provides many services to migrants labour related to HIV/AIDS, DOTS, STI/RTI.

Clinic Services- In this year SNBS also provides clinic services to migrants. We provides clinic services to 2177 migrants people during this year.

HIV Tested-In this year SNBS also done so many HIV Tested of migrants.


Health camp in slums- SNBS organize 10 Health Camp in different different areas in Kanpur. We organize camp in industrial area and brick field.

In the Health Camp we provide free health facilities to each and every member of slum. In the Health Camp we also get so much support of our Respected Doctor.

By the Health Camp we fulfilled our motive and also get a fruitful feedback.

NukkadNatak- SNBS organize different nukkadnatak in many slums areas So, that people will understand that what is HIV/AIDS and how we can fight with HIV/AIDS. We organize 22 nukkadnataki n Kanpur.

Our main motive for nukkadnatak is Awareness for HIV/AIDS. And by this we achieve our motive and we also achieve the happiness of people who lives in slums and not able to do some enjoyment coz of lack of money and so many problems.

We also inspire people that the checkup of HIV/AIDS is also a very important task in our life. andwe give free medical checkup facilities to our migrants.

The main motive of SNBS is to provide a pleasant life to migrants.

Meeting with factorial managers-SNBS organize many types of meetings and discussed the topic of HIV/AIDS. With the help of Peer and ORW we organize meeting with Factorial Manager and we give our views and get views of other people. By this meeting we get to know that how we can stop HIV/AIDS.

Celebrate World AIDA DAY-

World AIDA DAY is held on 1December each year and is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died. World AIDS Day was the first ever global health day and the first one was held in 1988.

SNBS organize a NUKKAD NATAK program in Galglahshetra where we also get the help from Kanpur Mirja Group. We give awareness to migrants with the help of  NUKKAD NATAK.

By our NUKKAD NATAK we also give happiness to the people who lives in slums as well as awareness of HIV/AIDS.

We organize our programs in many areas and We covered many sites in Kanpur as well as we covered many Migrants-

Count of migrants-

We covered 12535 migrants population in industrial areas and brick field.


FajalGanj– In this slum there are many Workshop where people make the parts of truck. In this slum mainly people are belongs to Bihar, Bihrich , Gondar , Sultanpur slum.

Panki Industrial area– We found good population in this slum.

Dada Nagar- We found good population in this slum.

Transport Nagar/ Jhakarkati- We found good population in this slum.

Mandhna/ Chaubepur- We found good population in this slum.

Billhour- We found good population in this slum.

Tikra- We found good population in this slum.

Brick Field- We found many good people in this slum.

Working of SNBS Staff

  • We started organize the review meetings in so many slums. By the review meetings we get to know about the actual situation of HIV/AIDS.
  • We planned so many Field Visit & Brick Field. By the field visit we get to know about the mental status of migrants.
  • We covered all industrial sites in Kanpur.
  • The ORW(Out Reach Workers) of our staff is very hard working. By the help of our ORW we get so many easy solutions in our work.
  • We also done the Mapping System. By Mapping System we identify the migrants sites and put the hot spot.
  • We also search Congregation Point. And we visit all Congregation Point.
  • For a good working in all fields we make 15 Peer and also we took help from the stakeholders.
  • With the help of stakeholder and ORW we organize the Health Camp. So , that we can give help to migrants. And migrants must aware from the HIV/AIDS points.
  • We also took help from Counselor. With the help of counselor we did a good job in every field.
  • We also took help from our Respected Doctor. He gives his support in every field.
  • Every week we also done the meeting for our strategy with Peer that how we can give a speed to this program.

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