Total Number of slum covered Total Number of Population covered Total Number of House hold Total Number of MWRA
            33             92984 15521 14568

Quality and expanded service delivery.

Category Client received Counseling Clients received FST Clients received IUCD Clients received NSV Clients received DMPA Clients received OCP Clients received Condom
New 18875 489 802 45 1419 294 624
Continuing 44570 4305 932 59 1421 590 1697


 Key processes and achievements:

We have benefited 3673 clients for FP services in the period.We have motivated clients in this month throw house hold visits and meetings. We organized many activities in slum as-Community meeting, MWRA Meeting, Group Interactive events. Work place Meetings User group meetings, Chaupal, Lok Sangeet Karkram, Pre publicity miking. Etc. We focused regular house hold visit and follow up client. Flash card, Summer drive pamphlets and handouts were used during the meeting & counseling of client.We referred clients to Dev Medical store for DMPA FP Methods on PARI DIVAS. IUCD Day was organized by Janani and Mary Gold Hospital in our working area Sewla Jat. Our team accompanied of client to the service delivery points for FP Methods adoption. Pre publicity miking gave effective massages to community for awareness and our service delivery points.


  • We have benefited 3673 clients for FP services in the period. 489 clients benefited of female sterilization, 59 NSV,802 clients benefited of IUCD, 1419 clients of DMPA,294 OCP and 624 new condom users are make  in the period.

Sustained demand generation

Category No of Meetings Total Participation
Community meeting 352 7141
MWRA meeting 57 1310
Group Interactive Event 62 2566
Lok Sangeet 10 338
Film Show with AWW 7 436
Users group Meeting 11 129
Chaupal 8 307
Male Meeting 3 68
Saas Bahu Sammelan 1 315
Rally 1 400
Population Day activities 34 1777
Work Place meeting 4 55
Chauraha Meeting 26 295
Nai Kiran Rally 9 850
Sukhi Dampatti Sammelan 1 338
Stakeholder meeting 4 60

Rally :-

We organized a rally in the intervention areas during world population day 11,July,2012 (“Janshankya Sthrita Pakhwada”).

We started rally from Matrumal Ki Dharmshala Gopalpura & end of rally Bhim Vatika Kotalee Bageechi Project director Mr. Ravi Kashyap, Project coordinator Mr. Sanjay Singh and FMDC, ORWs, Peer Educator, AWW and community women were participated in rally.

We voiced slogans family planning on mike I.e









We distribute phamplate and hand outs in the comunnity during the rally & gave masseges of family Planning.

Chauraha Meeting :-

we organize Chauraha meetings for involvement male in UHI program in the different slums crossing during world population day–population stability fortnight.

Planning & process: – We plan one Chauraha meetings in every ORWs slum. They select venues (crossing) in there slum where rush coming in the morning. So we plan our meetings in the morning time for specially NSV drive.

Process: – We organize five Chauraha meetings in the morning. We start meeting at 08:00 AM and communicate with the male those were movement at the place we give introduction of UHI & SNBS and give information about family planning on world population day and NSV camp those were organized by UHI at district hospital Agra.

We gave information about family planning methods specially Non scalpel vasectomy (NSV). 30 to 35 male was present in every meetings. We gave information below during the meetings.

  • This method adopt by male.
  • It is safe and simple sterilization and complete in the Ten minutes.
  • It will be affected after three months.
  • NSV client will use condom till three months during sex.

Learning: – Chauraha Meetings helpful for motivate NSV clients.

Outcome: – Eight clients were motivated by Chauraha meetings and adopt family planning service (NSV) on World Population Day- Population stability fortnight.

Saas Bahu Sammelan :-

We organize a Saas Bahu Sammelan at Kotali Bagichi (Bhim Vatika) on 16/07/2012 marking the population stability fortnight during World population day.

Planning and process:.

(Bhim Vatika) Kotali Bagichi was selected as venue for the event. It covered nearby10 slums of our intervention area. We start conveying of our activities 7 days prior the event. Our Peer Educator listed the participant’s name those participate in the program. We start the program in the morning at 10:00am and end 04:00pm.


 Slums level FP user group from Tundpura, Nandpura, and

Kotali Bagichi, Saas & Bahu of nearby slums and community people from Kotali Bagichi, Nandpura, Tundpura, Sewla Jat, Nagla Jassa, and Parsoti Ka Nagla, total 315 participants present in the program.

Staff Participation-Mr. Ravi Kashyap Project director, Mr. Sanjay Singh project coordinator, Mr. Amit Kumar FMDC, Ramdev Singh, Poonam, Kamlesh Kumari, Neeraj Parmar and Meera Singh ORW, and 43 Peer Educators was present in the program.

UHI participation- Mr. Naushad Ali, COCM Mr. Pradeep Pandey, Marketing officer Assistant Finance officer Mr. Amit Sharma, Dr. Sunita Bhagia and Mr. Arvind Sharma was present in the program.

 Film Shows with AWW

SNBS organized film show with AWW. Film was based on Family Planning method, Documentary, Success story, Pregnancy and child birth process and how to manage during the delivery. “During world population day-Population stability fortnight”

Planning: – we plan two film shows in our intervention area. Peer educators decided AWW center for venue of film show. They give information to the community about film show 3 day before.

Process: – We organized these film show programs with the AWW. Sanjay Singh (project coordinator) addressed the community. ORW give information about the movies to the participants.

We started the programs with the introduction of UHI and SNBS. And film show start with the movies of Documentary movie then we play Success Stories movies, Sterilization Movies- ZINDAGI KA PLAN & ASLI DABANG).

We discussed movie during the intervals. All the participants were very enjoyed the movie.

In the end of movie Mr. Sanjay Singh discussed about the movies and asked the questions of them to movie related to the participants. And the correct answer’s women were rewarded by a gift.

After show ORW gave information on family planning methods. We have focused on female sterilization.

End of the event, we gave vote of thanks to all the participants.

Group Interaction Meetings

Since March 2011 we have several family planning users in different methods Like Female Sterilization, IUCD, DMPA, NSV, Condom, OCP, etc.

These are following: – Female Sterilization user group, DMPA user group, IUCD user group, and mixed user group.

Object: – Involvement of community sensitization on maternal health. And awareness on family planning methods.

Planning: – We plan two group interaction meetings in Ramdev ORW’s slum. In these slums no group interaction meeting were organized in the past months. Peer educator select venues for the meeting in the slum. We plan these meetings for interaction between Family planning User and Non user.

Process: – We organized two group interactive events in the month of July, 2012 with user and Non user in our working area. Where user women were communicate between each other and communicate those women who have not a family planning user. These interactive events organized specially Female Sterilization in the summer vacation.

Result: – Group Interaction Meetings were helpful for motivate for F.Ster clients in the summer season.


We have benefited 216 clients by above meeting. Community people involvement is increase in the UHI program and community aware of adopt PF services. Male participation ware increase in programme. We gave 38 NSV service to male.

Capacity Building:

Type of Training Topic Covered Total Number of Batches Total Participants Remarks
Refresher Training OCP & Condom FP Methods Post partum & Post abortion FP Methods, LAM &Breast Feeding, Social Marketing products (Condom, OCP) & ECP. 16. Total Participants516 (PE,ORW) Left PE provide training field level in slum.
Staff cross Visit in other city Improve our working skills       1 6 Allahabad City.
PE cross Visit Improve our working skills 5 48 ASS,JCSS,AWARD andNIRPHAD NGO
Usha Cross Visit Improve our working skills 4 50 ( 48 USHA, 1 ORW, 1 PC ) Usha capacity built through Usha cross visit in other NGO in city for their leaning & Implement.

 Review Meetings:

Description Topic discussed Major decision taken (If any?) Remark
Meeting with NGO head with UHI city team. Program Review DMPA follow upWeekly Reports. Mr. Ravi Lal Das & Mr. Amit Kumar UHI visited in our office and working area.Observed of field work and field staff knowledge.
Meeting with NGO Staff with UHI city team.  Monthly presentation of the achievements.Slum Profile,Slum Map,Hamara Register.Female sterilization Summer drive Slum profile, Maps, and Hamara register. UpdatePlan for increase number of female sterilization clients during summer drive. We increase F.Ster clients.
Monthly review meeting with ORW Monthly Progress report. Review of Usha performance.Next month plan,Ensure regular HH visit And community meetings Dropout the poor performer USHAComparative analysis should be done.ORW will ensure that Usha regular on HH visit and community meeting.
PE meeting Monthly Progress report submission.Hamara RegisterRegular HH visitsDiscussed about line listing & proper use map & IEC Materials in the meetings.Janshsnkhya Sthirita Pakhwada  Hamara Register fill Day to dayEnsure regular HH visit and proper use map and IEC materials.   

NGO-UHI Review meeting:-

Objective:-Review of the programme activities during the month.

11 NGO review meeting with UHI were organized during April, 2011 to March, 2012. at Hotel Devansh, & Usha Kiran, Agra.

NGO review meeting with UHI was organized on July, 5, 2012 at Hotel Devanse, Agra.Presentation was given on progress of the programme activities in slums area in the month. Mr. Amit Kumar TO COCM reviewed the progress of the month. Discussed on Female sterilization summer drive on “world population day & Janshakya Pakhwada.” during the review. Mr. Amit Kumar gave information  us planning of  Female sterilization day  on July,11, 2012 at Lady Loyal hospital and NSV Day on 13 July,13 ,2012  At District Hospital, Agra on “world population day & Janshakya Pakhwada.”

 Dr. Sunita Bhagia gave brief comments of female sterilization and family planning methods. All participants discussed about planning of summer drive on “world population day & Janshakya Pakhwada” new activities in programme.

Staff  Review meeting :-

Objective:-Review of the activities carried out during the month.

We have organized 20 staff meeting in the period in the presence of Project Director Mr. Ravi Kashyap at organization office. Our ORW presented their monthly progress through their presentation.We discussed about survey work progress, slum’s population and FP users. We have discussed on progress the months. We prepare work plan for the next month activities. PD, PC, FMDC, ORW participated in the meeting.


Objective: – Felicitation of Pes.

12 USHA Felicitation events were held at our organization office and Sewla & Nagla Bhawani singh slum. Mr. Ravi Kashyap President, SNBS felicitated PE (USHA) in meeting at NGO office. PEs namely Ms. Rama Devi, Nagla Bidhi Chand 1st prize, Ms. Chandrakanti, Chawali 2nd prize, Ms. Renu Udden 3rd prize were rewarded with gifts in November,2011.

       Ms. Rama Devi, Nagla Bidhi Chand 1st prize, Ms. Sunita, Nagla Parsoti 2nd prize, Ms. Maya, Paramhanspura 3rd prize were rewarded with gifts in December, 2011.

PEs namely Ms. Kamlesh, Kotalee Bageechi 1ST prize, Ms. Maya Devi Param Hans Pura 2nd prize, Ms. Renu Udden 3rd prize was rewarded with gifts in July, 2011. 3consolation prizes were given to Ms.Gayatri Nandpura, Ms Munni, Mayapuri & Ms Geeta Kachipura.

Ms. Kamlesh, Kotalee Bageechi 1ST prize, Ms. Poonam Kotalee Bageechi 2nd prize, Ms. Maya Param Hans 3rd prize were rewarded with gifts in sept, 2011.The criteria of the selection was Timely completion of survey and line listing, Mapping linkages with stakeholders and performance to facilitate in adoption of the FP methods.5 marks for NSV, 4 marks for F sterilization,3 marks for IUCD,2 marks for DMPA.

Supervisory visit:

Objective:-Supportive supervision of field staff and spot capacity building.

Mr. Ravi Kashyap has done 33 visits in the working area during the period. He participated in the Sukhi Dampati Sammelan & Sabhasad Ki Chaupal and BCC event in the project slum Tund Pura & Sewla Sarai and addressed the community. Mr.Naushad Ali, COCM Consultant had 8 visits in the project slum Kotalee Bageechi, Sewla Jat, Tundpura and others.He discussed about programme Goal, Objectives and strategies & discussed about the need of family planning in current scenario. He gave brief introduction of UHI (Urban Health Initiative) and SNBS (Sri Niroti Lal Buddha Sansthan).He gave emphasis on FP methods adoption.

USHA Meeting:

12 USHA meetings were held at our organization office & at Matrumal Dharmshala Gopal pura during the period. Mr. Rajeev Kumar PC and Mr. Sanjay Singh PC built capacity on reporting and field working. He built capacity on HH visit by USHA. He discussed on Achievement of month and FP methods & HAMARA RAGISTER. During the meeting we have discussed about formatting and good counseling of FP users and motivated them for FP methods adoption. We built their capacity on monthly reporting of PE (USHA).

Mr. Arvind Sharma SMO, UHI gave information TO/NTO in our slums area & he advised that PE will do weekly visit for timely supply of condom & OCP.

 Dr Anupam Bhasker, ACMO addressed the meeting and discussed about the participation of PE in the National Health Progemmes. Ms Mamta Behra, TO COCM addressed the meeting and discussed about mapping of the slum. During the meeting we have discussed about counseling after delivery/abortion for using FP methods and motivate them for using FP methods. We built their capacity regarding Mapping and display of FP Ushers and other recourses. We built their capacity on monthly reporting of USHA/PE. We have discussed about progress of the months. We distributed their ID cards and IEC materials in the meeting and focused of male sterilization (NSV).


We have organized “SUKHI DAMPATTI SAMMELAN” at Prince Vatika Tund Pura, Devari Road, Agra on 20/11/2011.

We propagate about the event many days before the event in nearby slums i.e.Tund Pura, Nand Pura, Kotalee Bageechi, Nagla Jassa, and Gummat, Takhat Pahalwan by rally.

Mr. Ravi Kashyap, President, SNBS & Mr. Sanjay Singh, PC, SNBS participated in the rally from Prince Vatika at 08:00 A.M. In the rally we voiced slogans of family Planning and information of BCC event “SUKHI DAMPATTI SAMMELAN”.

We voiced slogans of family planning.

 People got attention through Dhol and get aware of family planning messages. The slogan templates (Slogan Takhte) were displayed in the hands of Peer Educators and women. They were raising slogans of family planning. Rally was ended at 10:00 AM at Prince Vatika.

 Mr. Chandra Bhan Maurya, ward member inaugurated the programme. Mr. Sanjay Singh, Project Coordinator, SNBS gave welcome note to the audience and others. He gave brief presentation on the programme goal and objectives & strategies of the programmes.He gave emphasis on counseling during delivery/abortion for adopting FP methods.

Ravi Kashyap, President, SNBS addressed the programme & gave brief introduction of SNBS (Sri Niroti Lal Buddha Sansthan).He hailed the community to adopt FP methods.

Smt. Lata Devi, Smt. Kusama Devi & Anar Devi peer educators performed a play on small family and family planning theme in the programme.

Slogan Writing competition:-

We organized a Slogan writing competition in the programme. Several slogans were written by the participants. The best slogan written by Mr. Piyush.The slogan was “Biwi Rakhni Hai Tip top, Do ke bad full stop”.

Quiz Competition:

Quiz Competition was organized to address their curiosity. Different questions were asked to the participants regarding family planning. We rewarded  winners with gifts. Ms. Sapna Kushwah w/o Mr. Shiv Kumar Kushwah, Madhu Nagar, Ms.Kalpna, Kotalee Bageechi, Ms Mamta w/o Bhav Singh, Singho Ka Nagla, Ms.Seeta w/o Sheru, Kotalee Bageechi, Ms Lalita w/o Mr.Suraj Singh Nagla Tek Chand, Ms. Rubi w/o Sunil Nand pura, Ms. Vaijanti w/o Durgesh ,Singho Ka Nagla, Ms.Suman w/o Radhey shyam, Singho Ka Nagla & Ms.Sunita Udden w/o Mr. Dharm Shekhar Udden, Nagla Latoori Singh rewarded with gifts.

Local Music group –

Local Music group programme lead by Mr.Chhedi Lal presented songs on family planning issues.

A stall was displayed in the event. Different IEC materials were displayed and information was given through the stall to the participants.

Sukhi Dampati (eligible couple) was recognized for adopting small family and FP services. They were gifted with garlands to the couples and given appraised.

Mr.Ravi Kashyap gave vote of thanks to the participants. Participation of the community was 338 in the programme. Programme was ended of 04:00 PM.


We have organized 8 “SABHASAD KI CHOPAL” in the period. Mr. Kailas Chand ward member Sewla and Mr. Chandrabhan Marya ward member Tundpura Mr. Nausad Ali Consultant COCM of UHI, Mr. Ravi Kashyap Project Director, Mr. Sanjay Singh Project Coordinator, council member of the nearby slums was also present. Residents of nearby areas participated in the event.Mr.Kasilash Chand and Mr.Chandrabhan addressed the Chaupal.


We discussed about Urban Health Initiative and its goals & objectives. Community was given information regarding Service delivery points and available Family Planning services at these points.


Mr. Ravi Kashyap started the program with the introduction of SNBS and gave a message to adoption the family planning services to the community. Mr. Sanjay Singh discussed about Family planning methods and detailed all the government and private service Delivery point in nearly Area. Kailas Chand (Sabhasad) threw light on need of family planning in current scenario.

After all the discussion Mr. Kailas Chand & Mr.Chandrabhan and Mr. Ravi Kashyap thanks to all present people.

Stakeholder meeting 

Objective:Sharing the progress of the programme with the stakeholders.

Agenda: – Familiarity of the programme to stakeholders, presentation of the progress of the program. Involvement of stakeholder in the programme activity.

             We have organized 4 Stakeholder meeting at MATRUMAL DHARMSHALA¸ Gopalpura Agra. Mr. Sanjay Singh introduce with the participants. We have organized Stakeholder meeting on May, 20, 2011 at D Type Urban health Center Gopalpura Agra. Dr. Ram Ratan, CMO, Dr. Anupam bhaskar, ACMO and Ms. Kamlesh Gupta, DPO, Sonu Arya Supervisor ICDS, Dr. R.K.Dixit, DTO and CRC Mr. Raghunath Pachauri, Project Director Mr. Ravi Kashyap, Project Coordinator Mr. Rajeev Kumar, addressed the meeting   .  Ward Member Mr.Kailash chand introduce the participants. Then Project director Mr. Ravi Kashyap shared feedbacks of working in the slums area. He gave brief introduction of SNBS (Sri Niroti Lal Buddha Sansthan). Project Coordinator Mr. Rajeev Kumar gave brief presentation on the programme goal and objectives & strategies of the programme. He gave brief note of PE(USHA) role and responsibility.Dr. Ram Ratan CMO gave emphasis on availability of   FP methods for the willing family planning users and listed users by PE. He emphsised on NSV.  Mr. Anupam Bhaskar, ACMO told about counseling after delivery/abortion for using FP methods and motivates them for using FP methods. Ms. Kamlesh Gupta DPO discussed about the participation of PE in the National Health Progemmes, focused MWRA and listed of FP ushers with AWW. During the meeting Dr. R.K. Dixit DTO was willing to train the PE for malaria testing.  Mr. Raghunath Pachauri CRC hailed the teachers about counseling in community of family planning. Total participants were 15 in the orientation.

Mr. Sanjay Singh shared feedbacks of working in the slums area. He shared progress of working in Last months. We have motivated 585 clients to adopt FP methods in the quarter. He discussed on planning of “Sabhasad Ki Chaupal”. Ms.Sunita Sharma, ICDS, discussed about pregnant woman during the pregnancy period and care after the delivery. She gave emphasis on exclusive breast feeding up to 6 months of the baby. Ms. P.Kaur, HV discussed about Iron Folic Acid tablets for pregnant women and asked complete vaccination of child timely. Mr. Ravi Kashyap PD, SNBS gave emphasis on availability of   FP methods for the willing family planning users and asked field workers for house hold visit regularly. Mr. .Ramdev Singh, ORW told about counseling after delivery/abortion for using FP methods and motivates them for adoption FP methods. He emphasized on MWRA for family planning methods. Ms.Neeraj, ORW told about felicitation of smart field worker .Dr. Amar Singh gave advice about vaccination and saving during pregnancy for an emergency.

Street Play: –

 14 Street play shows were organized in our project area. The theme of street play is awareness of family planning and utilizes family planning methods. Script was based on birth spacing methods and post partum /post abortion counseling regarding FP methods.

Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) Training

Objective:- Capacity building of  TBA (Traditional Birth Attendant)   on programme goal,Objectives and FP Methods and Safe Delivery, New Born care.

Training was organised by UHI at SNBS Office  for 1 day schedule  for 1 batch on 10 August,2011. Mrs.Sunita prasad was trainer.All participants introduce themselves first in the training. During the training discussed about programme Goal, Objectives, strategy. They were trained on high risk pregnancy, safe delivery. They were also got familiar with TBA responsibility in UHI programme during the training. TBA was got brief discussion on different FP methods i.e. Permanent method (Female sterilization and male sterilization (NSV) and spacing method (IUCD, pills, Condom, DMPA.). During the Training Mr. Rajeev Kumar discussed about the need of family planning in current scenario. Mrs.Sunita prasad gave advice about vaccination and saving during pregnancy for an emergency. We have discussed of service delivery day and location of service delivery point.10 TBAs were participated in the training.

Health Camp

Objective : – Providing general health services and family planning services.

A Health Camp  was organised by  SNBS / JANANI Ambedkar Park, Kotalee Bageechi, Devari Road Agra on 19/08/2011.Camp was started on 9:00 AM. 110 people were registered and 90 clients were benefitted in health camp. Dr Bhawna and Mr.Santosh from JANANI organized the camp with the support of our organization. Camp was run by 4:00 PM.Testing of Heamoglobin, Urine, and B.P.was done by the team.FP Counseling was provided in the camp. General checkups for children and women were done and prescription for the ailment was given to the client. One client was provided DMPA service in the camp. Benefitted clients appraised the efforts of organizing the camp.


Objective: – Advocacy with the Electronic and Print media.

Agenda:-Introduction of the programme and organization, Sharing the progress of the quarter Apr-June, 11 & July to Sept.,11.

We have organized 2  Media Sensitization meeting on 14t July & 30 Sept..2011 at our SNBS office Agra. Press reporters of different print and electronic media participated in this meeting. Mr. Ravi Kashyap, President, SNBS was present and he gave brief introduction of UHI (Urban Health Initiative) and SNBS (Sri Niroti Lal Buddha Sansthan).

Project Coordinator Mr. Rajeev Kumar gave brief presentation on the programme goal and objectives & strategies of the programme. He gave brief note of PE field staff role and responsibility. He presented Quarterly progress i.e. April-June & July-Sept. 2011 of the programme activities in slums area. Reporters from DLA, Akinchan Bharat, DIGI News, Moon News, Amar Ujala and community people participated in the meeting.

Participation in Population Stability Rally :-

Objective :-Dissemination of the message of Population Stability.

Process :-We have demonstrated plight of the Dukhi Dampati and prosperity of Sukhi Dampati through procession. We have actively participated in the population stability rally organized by Health and Family Welfare deptt. Agra on 23/7/11 with the team of 50 people in the leadership of Mr. Rajeev Kumar Project Coordinator, SNBS. The rally was organized from Agra College play ground Raja Mandi to Baptist School, Sai Ka Takia Agra. Mr. Raj Kumar Srivastav, CDO, Dr Ramratan, CMO, Agra flagged the rally from Agra College play ground Raja Mandi at 9:30 A.M.The rally was organized to mark the “Jansankhgya Isthirta Pakhwada”.

We raised slogans throw drums (DHOL).People got attention through Dhol and sound system and get aware of population stability. The slogan templates (Slogan Takhte) were present in the hands of participator. They were raising slogans against population blast. Rally was ended at Baptist School.

The participator enjoyed the event and danced at the end of the rally on the rhythm of the Dhol. The team of volunteers from UHI sung song of FP issues in the event.All partners and PSI, ICDS and HLFPPT participated in the rally.

Outcome: – Messaging of the population stability.


Objective:-Aware the P/L regarding Family Planning.

We have organized ANN PRASHAN & GOD BHARAI programme with ICDS Deptt at AWC, Gopalpura Agra. Mr. Chandra Bhan Moray, Ward Member inaugurated the programme. Ward Member Mr. Chandra Bhan Moray introduces with the participants. . Mr. Ravi Kashyap gave brief introduction of UHI (urban Health Initiative) and SNBS (Sri Niroti Lal Buddha Sansthan).  Mr. Chandra Bhan Moray advised for distribution of delivery kit to the beneficiaries. This should be used during delivery to ensure five cleans. He gave emphasis on adopting FP methods

God Bharai  is doing When a pregnant woman has completed seven months of gestation period, the baby is assumed to be viable and in a safe phase. So, the celebration is usually at the end of the seventh month or in the eighth month to welcome the little one to the family and literally fill the “mother-to-bee’s” lap with gifts and fruits to bless her with the abundant joys of motherhood.


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