Maternal and Child Health Programme, Agra

Agra City Profile :

Agra city, spanning across 188.40, has an urban population of 15.85 Lakhs of which 12.45 lakhs (78.5%) people reside in 213 registered urban slums, recognized by the District Urban Development Authority (DUDA) and other 246 unregistered slums. The decennial growth rate of Agra city (1991-2001) is 40.66%, which is twice the national decennial growth rate of 21.34%. There was change of 22.05 percent in the population compared to population as per2001. In the previous census of India 2001, Agra District recorded increase of 31.60 percent to its population compared to 1991. Population density of Agra district is 1093 persons per square kilometers (Source: Census 2011). These data indicate the immensely overcrowded habitat conditions in the city. As per 2011 census, the sex ratio of the city is 853 females per 1000 males. It is worthwhile mention that the city has registered an about 6 points decline in the sex ratio during the last decade (852, 1991).The literacy rate of the city is about 63.44 % (Source: Census 2011).

Majority of the surveyed slum population were daily wage earners, with a few engaged in business related activities, i.e., manufacturing of sports goods (cricket bats, wickets, etc.). Most women who work outside the home were domestic maids in the surrounding areas. Living conditions vary from illegal settlements with kutcha houses, to low rent dwellings, or owned concrete houses. The slum areas are characterized by high population density and extremely poor sanitation and hygiene conditions.

SNBS Profile:

Shri Nirotilal Buddha, Sansthan (SNBS), Agra has been primarily working in the areas of health and its determinants, safe drinking water, hygiene, sanitation, HIV/AIDS awareness, family planning & welfare, child labor & literacy, education, livelihood, plantation, community awareness and development, with especial focus on marginalized sections of the societies, slum dweller women and children through various development programs, for the last 23 years. Besides, SNBS has been supporting DMHFW, Agra closely.

SNBS will implement Urban Health Programme (UHP), Agra since November 2005. In 2016 – 17 we have covered 100 slums of Agra city with a support from Medical Health & Family welfare Department (MHFW) Agra, Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) Agra, Vitamin Angels USA and Agra Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (AOGS),  Agra. Our planning for 2017 – 18, we implement Urban Health Program, Agra in all slums of Agra City. We complete survey with a support from ICDS Department, Agra. For save the life of urban poor pregnant women and children from Malnutrition. Main aim of programme reduces Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) and Infant  Mortality Rate (IMR). SNBS planning implement Urban Health Program, Agra in all 459 slums of Agra City.

Survey Status :

  1. Total Ward In Agra City : 90   Wards
  2. Anganwadi Centers Presence in wards :     79   Wards
  3. Total Slums in Agra City :                               459 Slums
  4. Anganwadi Centers Presence in slums :     271 Slums
  5. Total Anganwadi Centers in Agra City  :     508  AWC
  6. Survey done by Anganwadi workers    :      478 AWW

Pregnant women Health Survey Status :

  1. Total Pregnant registered at AWC in Agra City : 5828   Pregnant
  2. Pregnant received TT – Ist :                                      4118   Pregnant (70.65%)
  3. Pregnant received TT – IInd  :                                  2887   Pregnant (49.53%)
  4. Pregnant received at least 3 ANC Care   :               3166   Pregnant (54.32%)
  5. Pregnant consumed 100 IFA  :                                 954   Pregnant (23.72%)
  6. Pregnant consumed Multivitamin  :                        1807   Pregnant (37.07%)

Children Health Survey Status :

Total               0-5 year children Institutional Delivery Under Weight Child BCG DPT – I DPT – II DPT – III Measles Vitamin A Deworming
58946 45784 5113 46166 40595 38171 35703 33391 33554 38914
77.67% 8.67% 78.31% 68.86% 64.75% 60.56% 56.64% 56.92% 66.01%

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